Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Perennials

Daffodils are potted and ready to bloom. Each pot contains at least 6 bulbs. Grown here, they are ready to plant in your garden or planter. Daffodils are not favored by squirrels or deer making them an ideal bulb to add for spring color.
March 26, 2010

I grow two varieties of coreopsis; lanceleaf (pictured) and fernleaf. Both have yellow flowers and bloom from July through frost. These perennials are easy-care, drought-tolerant and require little fertilizing. They like full sun, partial shade, shade. Lanceleaf (18-24")is not a reliable perennial. It does seed itself readily so you always have plants. Fernleaf (12")stays in clumps and needs to be divided every few years.

Rudbeckia is the perennial black-eyed Susan. It grows about 18" tall and will send up shoots around its base naturally filling in whatever space you allow it. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Water well with good drainage. Every few years you can divide or separate outside shoots.

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